Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cashew Creme

For the uninitiated Cashew Creme is a blessing of nature!  I love this stuff and use it in soups, sauces and sometimes smoothies.  I realized that I've been referring to it without actually putting up a recipe so I decided I better put it up.  I was vegetarian for two full years before discovering the magic brought to us by the raw food movement.  Thank you raw foodies for this wonder.

  • 1 cup dry raw unsalted nuts soaked overnight
  • water to cover
Yup that's it.  

Rinse the nuts in cool, clear water and add to blender.  Cover with just enough clean water to cover the nuts in the blender.  Blenderized until smooth.  This takes just a moment or two in my vitamix but may take a few minutes in a lower power blender.  Refrigerates for somewhere in the neighborhood of a week (I've not tested this fully).  This makes more than it seems like it would, which is a blessing considering the cost of raw cashews.   

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