Friday, May 21, 2010

Lazy (and cheap) Vegetarian, Menu 1

Ok so I want to share this wonderful experience of moving over to vegetarianism with anyone who is willing to join in.  I have many friends who share recipes and we love to cook.  Wade is a retired chef and I have some skills of my own...  :)  So we hope anyone who is watching will feel like jumping in and trying a few new things.  

First things first.  We are vegetarian, not vegan (sorry folks), we often have cheese, rarely eggs and fish.  We don't ever do liquid dairy.  We use almost entirely vegan ingredients except these obvious exceptions.  You won't get a sneaky non-vegan item but will occasionally get an obvious one.  Instead of trying to share all the recipes we have transformed all at once, I'm posting "menus".  So each time I do this you'll have an entire meal.  :)  We regularly feed 6 or 7 people, so the portions will reflect that.  Feel free to adjust to your own needs.  

We are very well equiped in our kitchen but are currently working fairly low tech as most of our own kitchen is in storage.  :)  This means anyone really following along has some time to invest in good equipment (which you should do anyway) and all this stuff is SO much easier than it sounds.  

Tonight's menu:  Vegan loaded baked potatoes including fresh roasted garlic and shiitake bacon, Asparagus with almond slivers, and Baby seedless watermelon.  Orange juice to drink.

Total cost of dinner: $18

I will post pictures and full instructions later tonight.  :)  Know that along the way you will need to build up some "staple" items and that the cost of each menu does not include these staple items.  Staples are things like olive oil, earth balance, salt etc.  Not things like almonds, saffron or bell peppers.

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