Saturday, May 22, 2010

Menu One: I think it worked, $18 fed 7 people well

My first attempt at the food portion of the blog is up.  I think it is easy to understand but, as happens with people who cook a lot, I don't know if it all makes as much sense as I think it does.  Please, if these aren't easy to follow, let me know.  I really want to help other people eat well, eat cheap and be healthy.  

On another note, this is all part of my sustainability movement.  I will be adding tidbits on different sustainable skills, resources and ideas.  I really think the key to freedom is moving away from the capitalistic cog in the machine system.  Opting out.  Ultimately this means buying land, no debt, living well on less.  It means making things with my own hands, eating food we either grow or grown within a short distance.  It also means getting our calorie base from plants, not animals.  I know that I don't know everything, but I have some skills and I love to share, that's how revolutions happen.  

I wish I could have you each over to dinner, share food and thoughts.  In the mean time, this is my table, wish you were here:

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